E3 2010: 'The Agency' Multiplayer Trailer and Screens

E3 2010: ‘The Agency’ Multiplayer Trailer and Screens

To say there is going to be “some gunplay” in Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Agency, would be an understatement. As you will see in the E3 trailer below, there is going to be a lot… let me reemphasize this… a LOT of shooting going on here.

When players begin, they are given two options for which faction they wish to be a part of. The first is United Network of Intelligence and Tactical Experts (U.N.I.T.E) who consider themselves the top secret agents in the world. On the other side is the Paramilitary Global Operations Network (ParaGON) who is the world’s largest privately run army. Depending on which side they choose, players will receive different missions as they progress through the game.

Players will create a personal avatar for this MMO Shooter which can be played in both the first and third person perspectives. Instead of focusing on building a “stealthy” character or “heavy assault” character, players can instead switch gear to accommodate the play style they wish to pursue in their current mission. Missions can run anywhere from fifteen minutes in length during the game’s “short missions” to an hour during “set pieces.”

In The Agency, players will interact in public areas where they can join forces to complete missions together with up to four players teamed up at a time. During special “crossover” missions, this number will increase to eight members. Most notable is the thirty two man Player vs. Player combat that can break out in the game in PvP battles.

Take a peek below at the E3 2010 Trailer for The Agency as well as some screen shots and concept art. Don’t forget to  stick close to the Flickcast for all things video games this week!