SDCC10: Countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Part II

SDCC10: Countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Part II

Last week, we brought you some of the logistical updates for San Diego Comic-Con 2010, important info for folks attending this year’s Con. This week we’ll be updating you a bit more in that department while previewing some of the more interesting pre-con announcements to cross our desk. Let’s get started, shall we?

SDCC has notified us that additional hotel rooms are now available in the Mission Valley area. Click here to view the specific hotels along with valuable shuttle route information you’ll need to know if you’re staying in this area. The expanded shuttle route will service hotels in the Mission Valley and Shelter Island and will run from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from a location near the Omni Hotel (at the foot of L Street in downtown San Diego). After 8:00 pm this shuttle route will originate from the Convention Center front driveway.

In addition to the new shuttle routes, SDCC has expanded their bag check program so you won’t get stuck packing your swag around all night just because you didn’t want to return to your hotel to drop everything off. Checking your bag will run $2, however remember that bags cannot be left overnight.

If you’re interested in taking a load off, stop by the official location near Hall A and underneath the escalator in the lobby of  Hall E, on the ground floor level of the Convention Center. The bag check schedule for 2010 is as follows: Wednesday, July 21 2:00 pm—9:00 pm; Thursday, July 22—Saturday through July 24 7:00 am—2:00 am; and finally on Sunday, July 25 7:00 am—5:00 pm.

Be sure to hit the jump for important info on early badge pick-up at the new off-site location, details on off-site events in the downtown area during Comic-Con 2010, and some details on exclusive collectibles available on the show floor!

For the first time in Con history, attendees will have the option of registration and early badge pick-up off-site in Mission Valley. The satellite registration location will be held at the California section of the Atlas Ballroom at the Town & Country Hotel Convention Center. You can pick up your Full Member or Thursday badge here on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, whether or not you have a Preview Night membership. Preview night members are welcome to pick up their badges here too. Remember, this is for attendees only, no pro’s, exhibitors, press or any other non-attendees can take advantage of the satellite registration location. If you qualify, here are the official hours Wednesday, July 21 from 3:00 pm—8:30 pm; Thursday, July 22 from 8:30 am—12:00 noon.

The Unofficial San Diego Comic-Con Blog has some great scoops on what to expect this year in San Diego. Here are some highlights:

Offsite Events: Check out some of the awesome events not happening at Comic-Con this year, but rather in the nearby downtown area. Some of the highlights? Marked Men Party on July 23rd – This pirate-themed event takes place on a full-size pirate ship replica. W00tstock on July 22nd – One of my personal faves, this event features Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG), and Paul and Storm and combines a concert, comedy show, and overall geeky stuff into one awesome event. Video Games Live – July 24th – Ever wanted to hear all your favorite video game music played by a massive orchestra? This concert series has been traveling around the country blowing people away with amazing renditions of everything from Zelda to Halo.

Exclusive Collectibles: Wondering what cool toys and collectibles can be had this year? Us too. The unofficial SDCC blog rounds-up some of the exclusives that have been announced ahead of this year’s Con. Some of the highlights this year includes a Transformers Auto-Bot Blaster, a Sergeant Slaughter figure from Hasbro, a Star Wars two-pack of the Darth Maul and Owen Lars, a bobble-head exclusive with Showtime’s Dexter character and his Son and a variant featuring Dexter in a jumpsuit. It’s 7″ tall and includes a saw and welder’s mask. And so much more. Head over to the blog to see some exclusive images as well as pre-order info.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you all of the exciting San Diego Comic-Con 2010 news and updates as they happen!