‘TRON’ Controllers Will Make The 9 Year Old You Scream With Joy

Remember how lame the Nintendo PowerGlove was? Well, it looked cool, but it was pretty useless when it came to actual video game usage. If there were only a device that was equally cool as it was functional, the gaming would would be rocked pretty hard.

With that in mind, behold the new line of TRON controllers!

As a tie-in to the upcoming Disney film, the studio is releasing a series of gadgets that will make you feel like you’re Flynn himself, all while sitting on your couch in your living room. The controllers will be available for all Next-Gen systems, and each run for about $50.

Not a console gamer, but still want to enjoy the TRON awesomeness? For PC users, there will also be a TRON blue gaming keyboard and mouse from Razer. Topping it all off, Monster is releasing a pair of TRON headphones for $350, earbuds for $99, and a light-disc shaped iPod dock for $250.

Check out some of the cool new gadgets after the jump. All of the items are expect to have a fall release, so needless to say, the tail end of 2010 will be pretty heavy with all things TRON. Thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up.

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