The Flickcast's 'On the Radar'

The Flickcast’s ‘On the Radar’

Welcome to this week’s On the Radar where we delve into all corners of the entertainment, tech and geek Internets for news, views and whatnot that may have escaped our regular coverage this week. Let is know if we missed something interesting. Otherwise, on to the links!

Jimmy Kimmel brings us a phenomenon of pop icons clashing in The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin’ Twilight.

We’ve been to Comic-Con, so our standards for costumes are pretty high. This General Grevious costume still takes the cake.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine has seen Inception, and he says you’ll love it.

The Food Network can be pretty boring for non-foodies, but unnecessarily censoring parts of it can make it fun in a whole new way.

Megan Fox is campaigning to play Rainmaker in a Gen 13 movie. Considering how Jonah Hex went, shouldn’t she just stop?

The world of independent film keeps growing in quality and professionalism, and the newest film The 3rd Letter is proof of just that.

What if Nintendo made Halo 3? Only hilarity, that’s what.

In other Twilight news, Robert Pattinson is allegedly a descendant of Dracula. With that brow, our first guess would’ve been Frankenstein’s Monster.

Anybody with a sense of humor has been known to laugh at the wrong parts in movies. Here’s a list of 9 Unintentionally Funny Scenes.

Fan of Adult Swim? Check out their list of the network’s 10 Maddest Doctors.

Love movies? Okay. How about reunions? Good, because here’s a list of the top 7 reunion movies of all time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a prostitute. I mean, she plays one in a Lifetime movie.

Kudos to NBC for dumping Conan O’Brian in favor of windbag Jay Leno. Oh wait, that was a really stupid idea.

Have you seen Human Centipede? Good, now get the cat toy version.

Jack Nicholson ate a sandwich. Topless. In the ocean. That is all.