Check Out Two New Clips From 'Louie'

Check Out Two New Clips From ‘Louie’

It’s very rare that a TV show gets resurrected for a second chance. Fox has been known to do this with a few of its shows, but they’re also known to pull the plug on a show about 30 seconds after they greenlight it. HBO, however, wanted to give plenty of chances to Louis C.K.’s raunchy sitcom Lucky Louie, even though it really wasn’t that good.

The show was inevitably canceled, leaving for some mixed feelings. A few years go by, Louis has a Rocky-style montage in the woods somewhere, and now he’s back and stronger than ever. Louie is basically the exact same premise as his late HBO series, with a few minor changes (including dropping that terrible laugh track). This time? The show actually looks watchable.

The series debuts on FX this Tuesday, and promises to have some pretty great cameos along the way, one of which you can see in a clip after the jump. Catch Louie on FX Tuesday, June 29th at 11pm ET/PT.

  • ben
    June 30, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Lucky Louie was great. Your a dick.