Android OS 2.2 'FroYo' Now Available

Android OS 2.2 ‘FroYo’ Now Available

The long-awaited Android Mobile OS v.2.2 (AKA “FroYo”) has officially rolled out, but before you get too excited, it’s only for Nexus One owners.

Revealed last month at Google’s I/O Developer Conference, FroYo represents a huge leap forward in features for Google’s mobile OS. The newest Android version boasts not only faster performance, but a virtual laundry list of cool features like the ability to create a 5-device mobile hotspot, built-in tethering support, improved cloud-to-mobile device functionality, Adobe Flash 10.1 optimized for the mobile platform, and the list just goes on and on.

Owners of other Android-powered handsets such as the HTC Evo, Droid Incredible and even the upcoming Droid X will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the new OS. Because most of these phones run a customized version of Android, or have an add-on UI layer like the ‘Sense UI,’ it’s up to the manufacturer to handle their own roll-outs.

That said, if you are using one of these HTC mobile devices, all signs point to August before you’ll be able to get your hands on FroYo.

For those lucky few with a Nexus One, expect an over-the-air update sometime soon.