Check Out A Preview of Tonight's 'Merlin' Season Finale and A Preview of 'Warehouse 13'

Check Out A Preview of Tonight’s ‘Merlin’ Season Finale and A Preview of ‘Warehouse 13’

Clip Friday continues and this time around we’ve got a preview of tonight’s season finale of Merlin as well as another preview for next week’s season premiere of Warehouse 13.  Both of these shows are, of course, on Syfy.

First up on Merlin the friendship between Arthur and Merlin – as well as the strength of Camelot itself – is put to the test as they search for a way to stop a vicious attack by the Great Dragon in “The Last Dragonlord.” Next up on Warehouse 13 it’s a conversation with series co-star Allison Scagliotti as she explains her wardrobe style on the show. As a fan of the show, not something you want to miss.

Enjoy both clips after the jump. The season finale of Merlin airs tonight at 10/9C and Warehouse 13 premieres on Tuesday, July 6th at 9/8C on Syfy.