E3 2010 XTRA: Activision E3 Preview Event Videos

E3 2010 XTRA: Activision E3 Preview Event Videos

Part of what makes E3 so great is that the event isn’t just about business. It’s about having fun too. (And yes, I agree that anyone who complains about working in video games not being fun is nuts.) But even still, sometimes developers and journalists (and celebrities) need to unwind a little bit at industry events such as the Activision E3 Preview event which was held Monday night in the Staples Center.

Our own Chris Ulrich was present for the event where he got to see live performances from Jane’s Addiction, Usher, Rhea, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D., Soundgarden, Rhianna and Eminem. Eminem performed his track, “Won’t Back Down” to the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops where explosions in the arena coincided with those on screen. Even Tony Hawk came down to announce his new game Tony Hawk: Shred amidst the gigantic halfpipe that was built in the middle of the Staples Center.

In addition to Chris, celebs Paris Hilton, Seth Green and comic book icon Stan “The Man” Lee walked the red carpet for the event.

Check out some video preparing for the event, some of the performances as well as interviews with Stan, Paris, Usher, Dave Navaro, Perry Farrell and Tony Hawk talking about the video game industry and how it affects them.

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