Exclusive Interview: 'Community''s Yvette Nicole Brown Talks 'Modern Warfare' Episode, Comic-Con

Exclusive Interview: ‘Community”s Yvette Nicole Brown Talks ‘Modern Warfare’ Episode, Comic-Con

While on the red carpet of Universal Studio’s King Kong 360 3D premiere I happened upon the very lovely and enthusiastic Yvette Nicole Brown of NBC’s Community.  I thought that by the time she made it on over to us, she’d be bored silly of talking about a big, gruff gorilla with bad morning breath, so we talked Comic-Con instead.

Upon meeting the lively actress I couldn’t help but ask about my favorite TV episode of the entire year: Community’s “Modern Warfare. ” It was the best action movie spoof I have seen in quite some time.   She joyfully agreed.   I know many a guy who loves to quote from movies, and after watching “Modern Warfare,” I couldn’t help but quote from it with maniacal glee.  One quote in particular sums it up, “Checkmate bitches! And tell the Drama Club their tears will be real today.”

We also talked about the blessed event known as Comic-Con.  She will be a Comic-Con newbie this year.  So, all those who make it to the mic to ask questions at the Community panel, I ask you be gentle.

Watch and enjoy the interview after the jump and keep on watching The Flickcast, because you never know what stars might pop up.