Four More Clips and Interviews for J.J. Abrams 'Undercovers'

Four More Clips and Interviews for J.J. Abrams ‘Undercovers’

Friday has sorta turned into “Clip Friday” around The Flickcast offices seeing as how we tend to bring you previews of shows quite a bit at the end of the week. However, even though we do it frequently, that doesn’t make it any less fun — especially when the show being previewed today comes from none other than J.J. Abrams.

The show is Undercovers and we’ve brought you some info on it previously including a bit on the plot and a couple previews. Now, we’ve got even more to show you: Interviews with some of the cast and Abrams himself as well as a never-before-seen clips from the new show.

Pay close attention to the interview with Abrams because he talks about his love of the spy genre and also mentions another of our favorite shows that we’ve discussed arond here recently.

Click through for all the clips. Be sure to check out Undercovers when it premieres on NBC in the Fall and follow the show via Facebook and Twitter.

Downloading All Files
Samantha drops everything to gather intel.

Are You In Or Out?
Steven and Samantha are faced with a tough decision.

The Spy World
J.J. always knew that getting back into the spy world was of interest to him.

Two Sides to Every Story
Spying together is just more romantic.