New Trailer for 'Eat, Pray, Love' Arrives

New Trailer for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Arrives

Normally, when a new trailer for a film comes out we try to give you some context for it and explain a little about what’s going on in it and with the film. We also tend to go on a little about the actors in a particular film or how much we like the director or his/her previous films.

On occasion, we also try to piece together the film’s story from images or scenes in a trailer — which isn’t always easy. Although, with trailer these days it often is. They tend to give away too much. Take the new trailer for Eat, Pray, Love for instance.

In it, Julia Roberts travels from place to place eating, loving and occasionally praying. Well, I might have made up that last one. She definitely eats and loves. . . a lot.

Anyway, check out the new trailer for the film after the jump. Eat, Pray, Love is based on the novel of the same name and also features James Franco, Billy Crudup and Javier Bardem. It hits theaters later this year.