Straight From The 80s, 'Max Headroom' Makes His Way To DVD

Straight From The 80s, ‘Max Headroom’ Makes His Way To DVD

Let’s be honest, there weren’t very many decent sci-fi TV shows made in the 1980s. Sure, there were some laughable shows that we look back on with nostalgia, such as Greatest American Hero and Galactica 1980, but none that really held up through the years. Luckily, Max Headroom is one of those shows.

Based around the concept of the futuristic “cyberpunk”, a concept that was blowing up in the late 80’s, Headroom follows the life of journalist Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) who has to solve crime in the ultra high-tech future where crimes are fought with computers, rather than on the streets.

The show only lasted 14 episodes, over the span of two seasons, and then faded away into obscurity, until now. Shout Factory has just announced that the complete series will be released on DVD on August 10th, and it will be more than enough for the average Max Headroom fan to squeal over.

Check out the complete listing of special features after the jump and pick up Max Headroom on DVD from Shout! Factory on August 10th for $34.95 plus shipping & handling.

DVD Exclusive Features

  • Live On Network 23: The Story Of Max Headroom Co-creators/directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton, co-creator George Stone, executive producer Peter Wagg, producer Brian Frankish and writers Steve Roberts and Michael Cassutt share their stories behind the British movie and American TV series that created an icon.
  • Looking Back At The FutureAn intimate roundtable discussion with Amanda Pays, Jeffrey Tambor, Concetta Tomei and Chris Young, moderated by Max Headroom superfan and creator of The Middleman Javier Grillo-Marxuach.
  • The BigTime Blanks – Morgan Sheppard and Concetta Tomei reflect on Max Headroom and the friendship that has endured over the 20+ years since the series’ cancellation.
  • The Science Behind The Fiction Co-creator George Stone reveals his own philosophies and technology’s role in the creation of Max Headroom.
  • Producing DystopiaProducer Brian Frankish recounts the chaotic and rewarding task of producing a series set 20 Minutes into the Future.
  • The Writers Remember Executive story editor Steve Roberts and story editor Michael Cassutt share their stories of writing for the world’s first computer-generated TV star.