Star In Your Very Own Episode of 'Mad Men'

Star In Your Very Own Episode of ‘Mad Men’

Want to be in an episode of the critically acclaimed AMC series Mad Men? Well, thanks to the cool idea men at JibJab, you can now fulfill that dream and star in your very own episode — sort of.

JibJab is a cool internet experience that is best known for creating custom videos of your face over the bodies of either animated or live action videos. The company has been using their services for company parties, e-cards, and more for a few years now, and has been growing in popularity exponentially. Their annual “Year in Review” videos even made it onto Leno’s Tonight Show a few times.

Now their expanding even more by allowing you to star in some awesome popular properties like Star Wars, Soul Train, and now Mad Men. You can star as or alongside Don Draper in a fun little video. Also, if you’ve got some friends or family you’d like to send back into the 1960’s, there are plenty of other roles for them to fill.

Make your own video over at JibJab and be sure to fulfill that Mad Men fantasy to the fullest.