Check Out The First Trailer For 'Vampires Suck'

Check Out The First Trailer For ‘Vampires Suck’

There are many things you can say about the fans of the Twilight franchise, but they are most certainly loyal. It will be quite interesting to see how far that loyalty goes, as the creators of Meet The Spartans and Disaster Movie set their sites on the world of Vampire Romance with Vampires Suck.

Folks may remember writers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer as two of the original writers of the Scary Movie franchise who broke off to take on other popular genres in such films as Date Movie and Disaster Movie. The films don’t cost very much, and are done relatively quickly and vampires and Twilight are hot right now so why wouldn’t a studio greenlight a film like this?

Vampires Suck pretty much takes on Twilight in all of it’s sparkly vampire glory, with a few other popular topics thrown in there for good measure such as Jersey Shore and Lady Gaga. Thankfully, the film features Ken Jeong, which may just be a redeeming factor…for some.

The film is set to release on August 18th, and you can check out the very first trailer after the jump. Enjoy.