TV Land Gives 'Hot In Cleveland' A Second Season

TV Land Gives ‘Hot In Cleveland’ A Second Season

It’s nice to see when a classic-style sitcom still has a place in a world of shows like Community and The Office. It seems that there are still fans out there of timeless in-studio laughter as TV Land has given another 20 episodes to the new sitcom Hot in Cleveland starring Betty White and Valerie Bertinelli.

The premise surrounds a group of shallow, attractive women living in Los Angeles who get stranded in Cleveland, Ohio after a plane delay. They come to realize that they’re the best looking women in the small town, and are worshiped as such.

Whether it’s the ongoing popularity of Betty White or the continuous guest stars the show has brought in such as Carl Reiner and George Newbern, It’s hard to say what sparked the massive fan response, but the show debuted with an incredible 4.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched sitcom on cable history.

Beyond that, the following episodes have still landed numbers in the mid 3 million range, which is still quite impressive for a cable network. TV Land, which is hoping to use this as a springboard for much more original content, has given the series an amazing 20 episodes in the upcoming season, which is currently scheduled to air in January of next year.