The Flickcast’s ‘On the Radar’

The Flickcast’s ‘On the Radar’

Welcome to this week’s On the Radar where we delve into all corners of the entertainment, tech and geek Internets for news, views and whatnot that may have escaped our regular coverage this week. Let is know if we missed something interesting. Otherwise, on to the links!

• A fan-made alternate ending to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has surfaced. Michael Bay would love this one.

• Of course there is a real life Kick-Ass, and he prefers to be called “The Viper”.

• Kevin Bacon is allegedly in talks to be the main villain in X-Men: First Class. No word on who he’ll play, we just hope it’s not the same character he played in The Woodsman.

• Just in case you weren’t excited enough for The Expendables, here’s an 8-bit video game to keep you occupied.

• Even after Aeon Flux, Charlize Theron still wants to be a spy, as she proves in a new Brandon Flowers music video.

• Withe the permission of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, someone made an animated short for The PRO, and we love it.

• James Cameron is making nearly $350 million for Avatar, so you can believe he’s writing a way to get those pesky blue people to return to the cinemas.

• Finally, a good use for the first issue of Uncanny X-Men…and it went up on eBay.

• And because no good On The Radar is complete without a list, here’s 6 Guys Every Man Needs In His Posse.

  • Amanda
    February 9, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Its aowesme how much more attention I get from the opposite gender now that I go to Los Angeles Clubs!