Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Warehouse 13′ and Tomorrow’s ‘Ghost Hunter’s Academy’ Premiere

We tend to post a lot of previews for shows here at The Flickcast. We like to do it because shows we think are cool need to get as much of an audience as they can in order to stick around for awhile. We don’t want another Firefly situation on our hands, do we?

With that in mind we have a couple clips from some Syfy shows to share with you today. The first is from a brand new episode of Warehouse 13, a show that has been getting better and better with each episode. With season two now in full swing tonight’s episode, entitled “Mild Mannered,” brings the team another adventure where things are not what they seem and danger lurks around every corner. Plus, you can count on some weird artifact that is screwing everything up.

The second clip is from the season premiere of tomorrow’s Ghost Hunters International, a show that we usually watch through our hands covering our eyes. Yes, it’s pretty scary. It does have ghosts, after all.

Check out both clips after the break. Warehouse 13 airs tonight at 9/8C and Ghost Hunters International tomorrow at 9/8C only on Syfy.

Warehouse 13 – “Mild Mannered”
In this upcoming episode you will find out whether or not Pete and Myka can subdue a super-powered masked vigilante.

Ghost Hunters International – “The Spirit of Robin Hood”
The he legend comes alive and three new investigators enter the prison walls occupied by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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