‘Firefly’ Gets An Awesome Fan-Made 80′s Intro

Joss Whedon fans (or “Whedonites) may be loyal, but their loyalty is nothing compared to their originality when it comes to their idol’s creations. They’ve given us some cool art, and plenty of fan vids to swoon over, and now it’s Firefly’s turn, as it gets a classic 80’s makeover. Well, at least the intro titles do.

The original intro was good, and just about every fan knows the lyrics, but it didn’t do much for the typical sci-fi fan. The cool cats over at io9 put together this little 80’s rendition of the Firefly intro, in all of it’s Western/Deep Space glory. Think of Quantum Leap meets Brisco County Jr., all squeezed into about 90 seconds.

Check out the intro video after the jump, and if you’re asking yourself “What about Simon Tam??”, it seems that he deserved his own personal show.

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