Get Your First Look at Marvel’s ‘Namor: The First Mutant’

Get Your First Look at Marvel’s ‘Namor: The First Mutant’

Mutants are always good characters to have in a comic. For one, they are often somewhat exotic, look unusual or have cool costumes, which is pretty interesting. They also usually have some pretty cool powers or abilities with which to extract vengeance or justice on ordinary humans and, often, each other.

Keeping interesting mutants in mind brings us to a preview of Marvel’s upcoming comic Namor: The First Mutant. Written by Stuart Moore with art by Ariel Olvetti, this book puts Namor on a path with his deadliest foes yet—Atlantean Vampires hell-bent on destroying his kingdom.

You know how those Atlantean Vampires can be. Dicks. When vampires infest the depths of the dark ocean floor, the Sub-Mariner must make a life-altering decision…does he stand with Atlantis or the X-Men?

Check out previews for the comic after the jump. Namor: The First Mutant hits comic book store shelves on August 25th.

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