Check Out the New Full Trailer for 'The Social Network'

Check Out the New Full Trailer for ‘The Social Network’

When I first heard that David Fincher was directing and Aaron Sorkin was writing The Social Network, a movie about the founding of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s adventures at Harvard University, I have to admit I wasn’t completely sold on the idea. Sure, Facebook is a giant beast that millions of people use every day to communicate with friends and family around the world but still, I wondered if it would make an interesting movie.

As more and more info, including the first teaser, came out for the film I began to see the appeal. Now, with this new full trailer, just put up over at Yahoo Movies, I’m even more convinced that this film will really be one to watch. Apologies Mr. Fincher and Mr. Sorkin, I should never have doubted you.

In the new trailer we get our best look yet at Zuckerberg’s life at Harvard as well as some insight into his motivations for starting Facebook. In short, he was a nerd that wanted to fit in so he decided to start a website detailing college life so he could get noticed by his peers and perhaps, one day, be accepted by them. Plus, the trailer is accompanieed by a great choral rendition of  “Creep.” A very nice touch.

I wonder how those people that ignored him back in college feel now that Zuckerberg is not only a rich man but is having a movie made about him by none other than David Fincher? Based on how he seems in the movie from this trailer, they probably still don’t like him.

Take a look at the full trailer and believe after the jump. The Social Network hits theaters on October 1, 2010.