'Dead Rising 2-Zombrex Edition' and 'Zombrex Dead Rising Sun' Launching This Fall

‘Dead Rising 2-Zombrex Edition’ and ‘Zombrex Dead Rising Sun’ Launching This Fall

Everybody loves a good zombie video game. Slicing and dicing your way through a few hundred zombies is a great way to spend an afternoon while also training for the impending zombie apocalypse. That’s why, in a double dose of zombie invasion, Capcom has announced some really cool upcoming stuff for fans of Dead Rising.

This September we’ll see the release of Dead Rising 2, but only North America will you be able to pick up Dead Rising 2-Zombrex Edition. It’ll be able on launch day, and will come in a Steelbook case, in case any zombies get their hands on it. It’ll be packed with exclusive features, which vary between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

These exclusives will include an art book and a “Making of” featurette. It’ll also come with Zombrex, an anti-zombie medication (which, to us in the non-zombified world, looks a whole lot like a pen) a safety information card, sales brochure, and 25-page prescription pad. The special edition of Dead Rising 2 will retail for $79.99, a small price to pay for anti-zombification medication, am I right?

If Dead Rising 2 doesn’t satisfy your need for zombies, perhaps Zombrex Dead Rising Sun will. Recently, Capcom announced this full-length feature film based on the Dead Rising universe. The film will be released in 8 episodes, and some episodes will include interviews with director Inafune-san about the process of making Zombrex Dead Rising. If you’re a member of Xbox Live, you’ll be able to download Zombrex Dead Rising for free before anyone else, a week before each episode goes live on DeadRisingSun.com

Dead Rising 2-Zombrex Edition will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 28th.  Zombrex Dead Rising will keep zombie fanatics occupied in the meantime, as it is released on Xbox Live starting August 4th and DeadRisingSun.com on August 11th.