Will Arnett: 'Arrested Development' Movie Still Happening

Will Arnett: ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Still Happening

Here at The Flickcast, we probably haven’t mourned the loss of any show more than Arrested Development, the quirky comedy that stole our hearts (but not the ratings) and was canceled after three short seasons. Adding further to this deep emotional blow is the fact that the film adaptation of the series has been so on-again off-again that most fans of the show have been pretty much convinced that it’s just not happening.

However, according to Arrested Development cast member Will Arnett and show created Mitch Hurwitz, the film is still definitely on. In a recent interview with GQ, Arnett and Hurwitz confirmed that the movie was still a go, and that the script was still being worked on.

“We’re changing some of the Bush references to Obama because we started it awhile ago,” said Hurwitz. “And the Bluths may not be vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico anymore. We also might have to recast the part of Uncle Mel, the former action movie star. But other than that we have a clear path.”

Arnett and Hurwitz are collaborating on another television show called “Running Wild”, but once that’s up and running,  Arrested Development will be their top priority.

“Believe it or not,” Hurwitz says, “I do not enjoy teasing our wonderful and devoted audience, which is one reason it appears that I’ve been so cagey about this. It’s just that I don’t want to promise what I can’t deliver.”

It’s great to finally get some details on this movie after so long, as well as a confirmation that it’s still happening. Good things come to those who wait, and in this case, an Arrested Development movie would be a great thing indeed.