Sam Raimi Takes On 'Earp: Saints for Sinners'

Sam Raimi Takes On ‘Earp: Saints for Sinners’

Apparently, director Sam Raimi isn’t straying too far from comics now that his tenure with the Spider-Man film franchise is done. According to Variety, Raimi is now attached to direct Radical Comics’ Earp: Saints for Sinners. The film will be a co-production of Dreamworks, Radical Studios, Mandeville and Star Road, Raimi’s production company.

In case you’re not familiar, the story of the project is described as “a modern-day re-imagining of Western hero Wyatt Earp fighting outlaws in a ravaged society where the only boomtown left is Las Vegas.” Co-creator/writer Matt Cirulnick will adapt the graphic novel for the big screen.

There’s no word on how this new project will fit into Raimi’s already busy schedule which includes directing World of Warcraft, based on the popular MMO, and Oz, the Great and Powerful, a prequel to the The Wizard of Oz. However, according to reports, this will be his next film after WOW.

With Raimi’s undeniable talent and love for material such as this the combo of Raimi and pretty much any comic property should be cause for happiness among fans. Now that his directing of the adaptation is set, we can turn to other important things like what part Bruce Campbell is going to play.