New ‘Thor’ Pic Almost Makes Us Believe

We’ve been having a debate around The Flickcast water cooler for the last few months about if we feel Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor film will be any good. At first, when info started to surface we were pretty sure the film was in good hands and would be another great superhero film in the same vein as Iron Man.

Then, more recently, we saw more pics, including one of Anthony Hopkins seemingly doing his best 40 Year Old Virgin imitation, and our faith wavered. Fortunately, things seem back on track now with this brand new pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor that has just dropped over at USA Today.

In it we finally see what all the fuss is about and get our first real look at the God of Thunder at his muscled best. If this is an indication of how Hemsworth is going to look as Thor and how the film will portray the character, Mr. Branagh we are sorry we doubted you.

Let’s just hope our faith is rewarded. For a bigger look at the pic, click through. As if you didn’t already know, Thor hits theaters on May 6th, 2011.

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