Check Out The New Trailer for 'Weeds' Season Six

Check Out The New Trailer for ‘Weeds’ Season Six

Oh Nancy Botwin, what have you gotten yourself into now? Oh wait, I already know. First, your husband dies and you have to turn to selling pot to make ends meet.

Then, you risk everything for a relationship with a known drug dealer and also have his illegitimate child. Oh, your youngest son also manages to bump off your baby daddy’s chief handler so she won’t be in the way. Too much to imagine? Nope, just another day for the folks over at Weeds.

With last season’s great cliff hanger ending still fresh in our memories this new season of the show, its sixth, promises to be even more fun. In this new trailer for it we see that although Nancy and the gang are in different surroundings, they are still the same awesome band of lovable misfits we’ve come to know and watch every week.

Click through for the trailer. Weeds begins its new season on August 16th only on Showtime.