SDCC10: ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone’ First Impressions

SDCC10: ‘James Bond 007: Blood Stone’ First Impressions

The night before Comic-Con, Activision let the press see the upcoming third person action shooter James Bond 007: Blood Stone for the first time on the Xbox 360. Though it was not a hands on demo, the press was allowed to see a playthrough of the game’s first level.

In it, the Daniel Craig-inspired Bond makes his way through a pier-side estate using shooting and cover tactics similar to that of Alpha Protocol and Gears of War. The game incorporated a reward system to stealth take downs that would allow players to pull off instantaneous special kills. Bond then took part in an action packed speedboat pursuit before a high impact car chase.

During all of it, the game looked great. It looked as though gameplay ran smooth though its hard to really tell without actually getting a hands on play through. One thing emphasized during the demo was the variety in gameplay as the game had both fast paced sequences including shooting and driving contrasting the slower paced stealth sections.

Developers have promised an array of Bond-esque gadgets as well as a variety of weaponry though the demo only demonstrated a silenced pistol being used through the game’s introductory mission.

While it is still too soon to tell just how the game will feel once it is completed, James Bond 007: Blood Stone has caught the attention of The Flickcast. Stick close as we continue to cover all things video games as they become available at San Diego Comic-Con.