SDCC10: Guillermo del Toro To Team With Disney For Haunted Mansion Film

Guillermo del Toro announced at a San Deigo Comic Con press conference that he is in the process of collaborating with Disney Studios to develop a movie based on the popular “Haunted Mansion” ride at Disney.

Del Toro emphasized that he feels Disney’s history is rich with dark imagery and frightening characters, a perfect place for del Toro to bring his own personal visions. It will also be in 3D.

Disney chairman Rich Ross noted that del Torro will be a unique guide to lead filmgoers through the Haunted Mansion experience, and they are excited to work with him.  The Haunted Mansion has been frightening visitors since 1969.

No word on where this fits into the director’s schedule or if it will be his next film. But don’t worry, when we get more news we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

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