SDCC10: Official Preview Night Photo Gallery

SDCC10: Official Preview Night Photo Gallery

Here we are. Day one has officially started and San Diego Comic-Con 2010 is underway. Last night, we were able to get onto the show floor for Preview Night and check out some of this year’s cool attractions and booths.

Last year, we remember some of the cool booths around the Con such as the Stargate booth, Marvel’s infamous Iron Man suit collection, and even the annual WB water tower. This year there is some of the same, but some pretty cool additions as well.

With the amount of popular comic book film and TV franchises, you can expect to see plenty of cool set decorations around the showroom this year. One of our personal favorites is the Odin’s throne, which is about as epic as the film looks to be.

Also seen last night is the cool new lightcycle from the upcoming Tron: Legacy film, a great zombie crime scene from the upcoming Walking Dead adaptation on AMC, and of course our first look at Abin Sur from the upcoming Green Lantern film.

Check out our full gallery from Preview Night after the jump and keep it with us all week for all of your San Diego Comic-Con 2010 coverage.