‘Shank’ Officially Has A Release Date, New Co-Op Preview Video!

After playing a demo of Shank at this year’s PAX East, this game has been on my radar. Between the fantastic art design and the addicting but simple gameplay, I really couldn’t wait to get my hands on the full game. PAX East was back in March and not much has been seen or heard from the game since, but it looks like we’ve officially got a release date for Shank, which is finally coming to Xbox Live and Playstation Network later this summer.

What’s more, we finally got a chance to see some more gameplay in a preview video that just appeared, including a first look at the co-op feature of the game. While one person plays as Shank, another will play as his best friend Falcone as they slash their way across rooftops, bash into bathrooms, and beast through bars.

We’re not sure whether a second player will be able to drop into a one player game at will or if co-op is a separate mode, but seeing it in action gives me even more reason to really be excited for this game.

Shank will be released on the Playstation Network on August 24th and XBLA on August 25th. You can watch the video right here after the jump.

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