SDCC10: Check Out Six Posters of the Girls from ‘Sucker Punch’

To get things started off right, Warner Bros. has released six character posters for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Sucker Punch. The posters feature Emily Browning as Babydoll, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jamie Chung as Amber, Jena Malone as Rocket and Carla Gugino as Madam Gorski.

This film is set in the 1950s and follows Babydoll who has been confined to a mental institution by her stepfather. He intends to have her lobotomized in five days because he’s not a nice man. In fact, kinda a dick. To hide her from the pain while there, imagines an alternative reality and in that world, begins planning her escape by finding five objects.

In addition to the ladies mentioned above, Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch stars Jon Hamm, Michael Jai White and Scott Glenn. It hits theaters in march of 2011.

Check out larger version of the posters after the jump.

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