SDCC10 'A Contract With God' Graphic Novel Set For Big Screen

SDCC10 ‘A Contract With God’ Graphic Novel Set For Big Screen

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con that Will Eisner’s groundbreaking graphic novel A Contract with God, will be made into a live action film feature.

A Contract With God is considered to be one of the most influential graphic novels of all time.

“Eisner utilizes the comic book format in an innovative and pioneering way to explore stories and memories from his childhood growing up in a New York City tenement. Each tale captures the brutality, fragility, and tenderness that exists among people living in close quarters in challenging economic times.”

The novel is divided into four distinct chapters, and it looks like each segment will be directed by a separate director. Alex Rivera, Tze Chun, Barry Jenkins, and Sean Baker will each take on a chapter of the movie.

Darren Dean will produce and adapt the book for the screen.