SDCC10: The 'Dexter' Panel Offers Glimpses of New Season

SDCC10: The ‘Dexter’ Panel Offers Glimpses of New Season

Ralph Garman from L.A. radio station KROQ 106.7 hosted the official San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Dexter  panel. Ralph got things rolling by showing an exclusive  sneak peek at the second season of its animated webisode series ‘Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo,’ to a packed hall.

A video showing gameplay from Dexter ‘the game’ for the iPod and iPad was on tap next, revealing some of the in-game action from the 3D game based on the  Dexter series. But what the audience really wanted to see, was a trailer from the upcoming Dexter Season 5 which begins in September.

The trailer takes us back to the game-changing events of Season 4’s shocking finale. A crying baby; the police arrive with siren’s blaring at Dexter’s suburban house; an image of Rita, Dexter’s wife, resting lifeless in a bathtub full of blood. In front of the officers on the scene, Dexter appears to admit it. He admits he did it. Killed his own wife.

Ponderous, since Dexter’s serial-killing peer, the crafty and lethal ‘Trinity Killer,’ played masterfully by John Lithgow, was most certainly responsible. Still, the apparent admission stirs suspicion in those around Dexter, and many begin to question if perhaps there is more to Dexter than meets the eye.

In the preview, Dexter tells Rita’s kids that something has happened to their mom. The kids are angry and they wish Dexter was dead, telling him as much. Dexter’s cop buddies, and even his sister Deb, are starting to wonder if Dexter could have something to do with Rita’s death.

And in the final scene of the trailer, even Dexter satisfying his dark urges by offing a target doesn’t seem to satisfy him anymore. This final scene reinforces just how mixed-up Dexter has become, since killing someone who has earned his wrath is always his go-to when things aren’t right.

As the lights go back up, the panelists are introduced. In attendence were Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan), Jennifer Carpenter (Deb Morgan), James Remar (Harry Morgan), and executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Chip Johannessen, and Manny Coto.

The actors talked briefly about Julie Benz (Rita) leaving the show after 4 seasons. Discussion turned to whether Deb is starting to puzzle out what’s really going on with Dexter, yet at the same time, some wondering if perhaps since they’ve both recently lost loved ones to a serial killer, they’ll have more in common.

The panel pivoted to talking about how Harry’s role might shift and whether he’s going to continue to be the fundamental voice of reason for Dexter’s dark path, as we head into Season 5 this fall. The producers indicated that it remains unclear at this point whether Harry will interact more or less with Dexter in the new season.

Michael C. Hall chatted a bit about how next season’s focus will explore uncharted territory with Dexter experiencing new and different things such as being a single parent now, the kid’s loss of their mother and a whole new set of relationships.

Season 5 debuts September 26th on Showtime and will feature some amazing guest stars this year including Julia Stiles, Johnny Lee Miller and Peter Weller.