SDCC10: ‘Chuck’ Casting News: Linda Hamilton To Join Cast As Chuck’s Mom

Yep, the one and the same Linda Hamilton that we all remember from the Terminator franchise is going to grace a geek property once again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hamilton will be playing the long lost mother of Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster.)  Right now Hamilton’s character, Mary Bartowski, is listed as being on recurring status.

At a press conference at the San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Josh Schwartz said that Hamilton was actually inspired by fans who wrote in online.  Schwartz added that Hamilton’s character will drive a lot of the plot next season, as Chuck and Ellie search for their mom, whose identity has been a mystery throughout the show.

Hamilton will make her first appearance in the season opener, which will also feature a bit role for Olivia Munn. “Old Spice” phenom Isaiah Mustafa will also appear next season.

I can’t wait to see Hamilton in this role. What do you think?

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