SDCC10: Ming Na from 'Stargate Universe' Talks Portraying a Lesbian and her Love for Twitter

SDCC10: Ming Na from ‘Stargate Universe’ Talks Portraying a Lesbian and her Love for Twitter

During a Q&A session for Stargate Universe, actress Ming Na opened up about playing recurring character Camille Wray on the popular Syfy series. The actress was quite candid about her hesitations about taking on the role, advocating for a character that had depth beyond the obvious sex appeal.

“I had a small amount of hesitation because I wasn’t sure how they were going to write the character and what would come out of that particular character choice. But, after speaking with (creators) Robert Cooper and Brad Wright, I felt very comfortable that they were going to really give a great deal of respect and thought and it wasn’t just going to be eye candy with these two girls, you know, getting it on!”

Speaking of which, next season will feature more development between Camille and Sharon, her lover on Earth, and how the two of them handle being apart for so long.

“Yes, it gets a lot more complicated because there has been a lot of stress in their relationship, as with any long distance relationship, and this is a REALLY long distance relationship, you know, there’s a lot more tension built up now, even with a solid relationship like theirs, so it will be interesting.”

Fans of the actress should (or already do) know that she’s on Twitter, with a very active account. Given the popularity of Stargate Universe, you would think that she would be a little hesitant to open up that much of her life to fans. Not so. She loves interacting with her fans, as long as they understand that she plays a character on TV, and that’s not her normal life.

“I was really worried because I love being in touch with fans, but I don’t like to spoil the fantasy, especially on a show like this where we’re supposed to be in outer space and far away fighting aliens, but I realized that we have a very smart audience and they know that we’re real people and all the feedback I’ve been getting has been wonderful and positive. I’ve only had to block one person who was a little too creepy, but I think he just couldn’t separate fiction from reality.”

SGU Stargate Universe returns to Syfy on September 28, 2010.