'Legend of Neil' Returns With An All New Episode

‘Legend of Neil’ Returns With An All New Episode

There are plenty of web shows out there that catch the eyes of every comic, movie, or gaming nerd. One that stands out above the rest is Sandeep Parikh and Atom Film‘s satire on the classic Zelda games, titled Legend of Neil. The show just started up it’s third and final season, and we’re already at the edge of our seats.

The last thing that Neil remembered, he was drunk playing a game of Zelda–but you knew all that. In season 2, Neill died in the game world, transporting him back to real life, where his brother stole his girlfriend, he was being evicted, and stuck in a crappy job as a gas attendant. As season 3 starts up, we watch as Neil decides to continue his adventures or quit.

Fans of the popular webseries The Guild will no doubt love this show, as Sandeep plays Zaboo on the show. That also means we get some great cameos from Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, and maybe a few others.

Check out the season 3 premiere after the jump, and keep it here for more Legend of Neil news as we make our way through the final season.

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