SDCC10: Robert Carlyle Takes on Sci-Fi and Season Two of 'SGU'

SDCC10: Robert Carlyle Takes on Sci-Fi and Season Two of ‘SGU’

On SGU Stargate Universe, actor Robert Carlyle plays Nicholas Rush, a Machiavellian-type character who isn’t a quite hero, but isn’t really the villain either. Not necessarily what you would expect to find from an actor who first garnered international attention playing a down on his luck steel worker in The Full Monty. At this year’s Comic-Con, Carlyle discussed his affection for the role of Rush and why he was drawn to it and the franchise as a whole.

“I’ve never played science fiction before.  It wasn’t something I was looking for, so when I spoke to (creators) Robert Cooper and Brad Wright about it, the first thing we discussed was was this guy doesn’t want to come back. My God, let me play that character! That’s a great place for an actor to be in. What’s going on in there?  And it hasn’t disappointed me so far.

“The premise of the show was what drew me in. Most space shows are about something. This is not really about anything. Right now, we don’t know what they’re doing out there. But, by the second season, you definitely do. The whole mission is revealed by the second season and I liked that. I like to keep the audience waiting.”

Since he did bring up the fact that there was an actual mission that the second season focused on, we tried to get Carlyle to open up a bit about what that mission might be about, and how it affects the characters on the show. He remained tight-lipped about any specific details, but left enough of a clue to entice fans and curious viewers to return to the show in September.

“I can’t tell you what the mission is, but I can tell you there is a mission and it’s massive. The clue is in the title of the ship. Destiny. The ship is named that for a reason and perhaps all of these people are there for a reason. It starts to really become an adventure.”

The second season of SGU Stargate Universe begins on Syfy on September 28, 2010