New ‘Thor’ Game Gets a Trailer

New ‘Thor’ Game Gets a Trailer

Video games and comic pretty much go hand in hand these days. Whenever a movie based on a comic book character or franchise is on the way, expect a video game to soon follow. Marvel’s upcoming Thor film is no exception and will have a game based on it released soon after the movie.

Here’s all the info, and the first trailer, on the game from our pals at Marvel:

“Whosoever holds this hammer…if he be worthy…”

On the heels of San Diego’s Comic-Con last week, SEGA has made available the teaser trailer for the recently announced title, Thor: The Video Game, that was displayed at the convention.

Coming next year to the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PSP system, Wii and Nintendo DS, this 3rd person action adventure boasts an original storyline exclusive to the videogame, for which Matt Fraction, lead Thor comic book author, served as story consultant.

Fans of this character will also get their first glimpse of Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjölnir, in this teaser trailer. Check it out after the jump and let us know what you think of it.