Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Eureka’ and ‘Haven’

Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Eureka’ and ‘Haven’

Now that things have settled down a bit and we’re getting back to what we call normal here at The Flickcast we can get back to our usual Friday business of bringing you previews for new TV shows. Today, as we often do, we’ve got previews of Syfy’s Eureka and Haven to share with you.

First up on a Eureka episode entitled “The Story of Oz” Carter visits Zoe and a rocket race gets, well, explosive. Just the ting you want to do in a town full of quirky geniuses, make things explode.

Next up on a Haven episode entitled “Consumed” Audrey investigates her past and a mysterious agrarian ailment. That’s the thing with pasts, sometimes they should stay buried. Unfortunately, sometimes you also have to dig them up, with tragic or unwanted results.

Things kick off tonight on Syfy at 9/8C with Eureka followed at 10/9C by Haven. Check out previews for both shows after the jump.

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