Get Your First Look at Marvel's 'Fantastic Four: Three'

Get Your First Look at Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four: Three’

Even though they don’t get quite the big screen treatment they deserve, Marvel’s Fantastic Four are still great characters. They also have been featured in quite a few successful comics, particularly their own.

To highlight that we’ve got a preview for the upcoming Fantastic Four #583 comic called Fantastic Four: Three. From writer Jonathan Hickman and new series artist Steve Epting, the comic begins a new story arc featuring the also features The War of Four Cities.

However, as bad as wars can be, this one is even worse as it will mark the end of one of the Fantastic Four. Who will fall? It’s anyone’s guess. Although, there’s probably a pretty easy way to find out. I’ll just let you think about that one.

In the meantime, check out the gallery of preview images for the comic after the jump. Fantastic Four: Three hits comic store shelves on September 22nd.