Interview: John Schneider Explains Jonathan Kent's Return To 'Smallville'

Interview: John Schneider Explains Jonathan Kent’s Return To ‘Smallville’

It’s unfortunate, but resurrections are all fair game when it comes to comic book lore. They’ve done it countless times, even when we’re told over and over that “This is it! They’re dead forever!” But Captain America, Bucky, Green Arrow, Superman, and countless others have made it back from the afterlife time and time again. Who’s to say they can’t do the same thing on Smallville?

Well, that’s exactly what will be happening this season, as John Schneider returns as Jonathan Kent. Last we saw Jonathan, he died after a brutal fist fight with John Glover’s Lionel Luthor back in season 5 of the series. He’s made brief appearances on the show since, but it seems that he’ll be back in a more corporeal form this season.

In our interview, Schneider convinces us that he’s actually back, and it’s not a stunt like having him appear in flashbacks or dreams. How could this be? Well, luckily Schneider was able to answer some of our questions about the mysterious return.

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