'God Of War' Goes Indie With A New Fan Trailer

‘God Of War’ Goes Indie With A New Fan Trailer

Since the dawn of the Internet, everybody with a handheld camera and an imagination has been throwing together testaments to their favorite piece of fiction in what we love to call “fan films.” Since then, the term has gotten a bit of a bad rap, which conjures up this gritty, poorly shot piece with worse acting and editing than your uncle’s home videos. However, this newest piece is an example of how, in some cases, those rules have completely gone out the window.

From the people who brought us Inglourious Plummers, a Tarantino-esque spoof of both Inglorious Basterds and The Super Mario Bros., comes this brand new trailer for God Of War. The best part is that it’s nothing like the God of War you’re used to. This trailer is done in the same vein of a Sam Mendes or Wes Anderson film. Purely indie, even down to the use of the song Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

We can’t figure out what it is we love about this trailer. Whether it’s the fact that our hero rocks an Adidas track jacket and tennis rackets (his “Blades of Chaos”) or the fact that the song makes the whole thing. Either way, it’s pretty awesome, and definitely worth a watch for both fans of movies and video games.

Check out the trailer after the jump and of course this begs the question when we’ll get to see another trailer. Perhaps Gears of War done as a romantic comedy?