New Media: Upcoming Series ‘Famous [On The Internet]‘ Gets A Trailer

New Media: Upcoming Series ‘Famous [On The Internet]‘ Gets A Trailer

Who doesn’t love a great story about the business of show? Some of the biggest TV projects on the air today revolve around the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and show business such as Entourage and 30 Rock. Well, what if you bunched those two properties together and focused on the growing popularity of original web series and new media? Enter Famous [On The Internet].

From Xtian Bretz and Zach Grafton, the creators of the hilariously gritty take on Super Smash Brothers titled There Will Be Brawl, comes this new and exciting project about the lives of internet stars.

The show follows 5 characters in their journey to becoming web superstars in a brand new series. There’s Perk, the gamer, Leif, the musician, Calvin, the new media agent, Chloe, the web darling, and Chance, the main protagonist, who’s goal is to get his webshow Splatter High off the ground.

The series is directed by Bretz and Grafton, with Grafton penning the script and Jordan O’Leary as producer.

The show is currently in post-production and will air online very soon. Be sure to keep checking the show’s official page and Twitter for more updates. in the meantime, check out the first official trailer after the jump.