Awesome New Motorola 'Droid 2' Coming to Verizon Along With Special 'R2D2' Limited Edition

Awesome New Motorola ‘Droid 2’ Coming to Verizon Along With Special ‘R2D2’ Limited Edition

Seems like there’s been a non-stop parade of hot new Android-powered phones releasing in 2010. We reported on the Droid Incredible back in April, the ginormous Droid X with its drool-worthy screen back in June, but check out what Motorola is about to release on Verizon customers now. The all-new Droid 2, an update on the Droid that started it all.

Unlike the Incredible and the X, the new Droid 2 has an improved flip-out keyboard, a must for texting and emailing enthusiasts. I have to say, as a Droid Incredible user, I long for a real keyboard every single time I have to pound out more than a few words on my virtual keyboard. The Droid X at least has a much larger screen and consequently a much larger virtual keyboard, but there just is no comparison to how efficient you can be with a real keyboard.

The specs are reminiscent of the original Droid, but updated in some key areas: Android 2.2 (AKA “Froyo”), 3.7″ touch-screen, 3G Mobile HotSpot capability, Flash Player 10.1, an enhanced 5MP-cam with image-stabilization, dual LED flash and DVD-quality video capture, 8GB of onboard memory and a 8GB microSD card and onboard DLNA media sharing.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the new Droid 2? The awesome limited-edition Droid R2D2! Star Wars fans will love this. The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ special-edition phone comes with special Star Wars sounds, ‘Empire’ wallpapers, exclusive videos, original movie stills and artwork, and special Star Wars-themed apps all pre-loaded and designed to make Star Wars geeks squeal with glee.

The Droid 2 will be available for the standard $200 (with 2-year contract) via Verizon Wireless. Stay tuned for launch dates and further info as it becomes available.