First Official Conan O'Brien TV Spot Goes Live On TBS

First Official Conan O’Brien TV Spot Goes Live On TBS

It feels like only yesterday when we were cursing the names of Jay Leno and NBC for what happened to Conan O’Brien and the entire Tonight Show fiasco. Here we are, 8 months later and Conan is already getting prepped for his new home on TBS.

The late night comedian signed a deal back in April to be the host of his very own show over on the cable network. The show pushes George Lopez’s show to midnight every night, but Lopez was more than happy with the deal as long as it meant O’Brien got to be his lead-in.

While the show is set to start as early as November, TBS has already started prepping their audience with a new 10 second spot. It may only be 10 seconds, but it manages to promote Conan in a bizarre Monty Python-esque way, which seems to be right down our alley.

O’Brien has already stated that he’s bringing his sidekick Andy Richter along for the show, as well as many of his writers that came with him from Late Night and even The Tonight Show. You can expect to see an official premiere date to draw closer, but as for now, we’ll just have to take our Conan dose in the form of a 10 second ad.

Check it out after the jump.