'Cropsey' Debuts on the Investigation Discovery Channel

‘Cropsey’ Debuts on the Investigation Discovery Channel

Earlier this week, we brought you a review of the true crime documentary Cropsey.  The documentary explores the urban legend behind several unsolved child murders that occurred on Staten Island. Tonight you can catch the movie on the Discovery Channel sister network, Investigation Discovery.

The channel specializes on fact-based investigative content about culture, history and the human condition.  The Investigation Discovery channel will be adding documentaries to their lineup, under the brand ID films. Cropsey: The Urban Legend will be the first documentary to air on the channel, followed by Final Judgement (aka No Tomorrow) in October.

Final Judgement illuminates the role of the media in the criminal justice system, and provides commentary on the death penalty.

A third Discovery channel spin-off, named Planet Green, will be presenting documentaries under the name Reel Impact.  Upcoming documentaries include Sharkwater, No Impact Man, The Cove (Academy Award winner),  and Black Wave: Legacy of the Exxon Valdez.

Cropsey will run tonight, Friday the 13th, @9pm ET on Investigation Discovery.  Check with your cable provider for availability.