Josh Hartnett & Paul McGuigan Reteam for 'Tomorrow'

Josh Hartnett & Paul McGuigan Reteam for ‘Tomorrow’

Enjoy Josh Hartnett’s performance in Lucky Number Slevin? If so, good news for you, as he will once again work with Director Paul McGuigan on a new project called Tomorrow. Hartnett and McGuigan have actually worked together twice before, on Lucky Number Slevin in 2006 and Wicker Park in 2004.

The new film, which follows a man stuck traveling through time and space who’s trying to prevent the murder of his family, was written by newcomer Michael Gould. There is no word on what type of plot device will be utilized to precipitate the time travel, but from the brief synopsis one can only assume that he has no control over when or where he jumps in time.

One can only hope that we are looking at a Groundhog Day-esque scenario where he relives one day repeatedly until he gets it right. It isn’t incredibly difficult to do a film where the time travel is completely random with no rhyme or reason, much like in The Time Traveler’s Wife.

When one looks at McGuigan’s track record it’s not hard to believe we could be concerned with his spin on the space-time continuum. Take his most recent release, last year’s Push, which was almost universally panned. It had a lot of potential, but in the end the story was convoluted and scattered. Hopefully, Tomorrow won’t share the same fate.

Tomorrow will begin principal photography in Louisiana later this year for a projected 2011 release.