Andy Whitfield Stars In An Awesomely Geeky 'Time Crisis' Short

Andy Whitfield Stars In An Awesomely Geeky ‘Time Crisis’ Short

Video games will always be the a constant go-to when it comes to geeks. There are geeks that follow comics and movies, but almost all of them still consider classic video games as their source of geekdom. So when we get a fantastic fan film tribute to Time Crisis starring Spartacus: Blood & Sand’s Andy Whitfield, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate.

The film comes from Youtube special effects guru Freddie Wong who has given us some great experiments with CG effects and pulled off great videos like Jedi A-Holes, Skydiving Out My Front Door, and a great stop motion video titled Light Warfare.

Now, Wong has teamed up with legendary TV action star Andy Whitfield to give us a great sendup to the classic arcade game Time Crisis. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to those who haven’t played the game, but for the rest, even the rapid-fire trigger technique towards the end brings back memories.

Check out the video after the jump, and here’s to hoping that Freddie Wong turns up in some credits from great upcoming films.