‘Warehouse 13′ Star Allison Scagliotti for Cassie Hack in ‘Hack Slash’ Movie? Some Fans Think So

Often the Internet is a source of news, information and, on occasion, social relevance. Other times it can serve as a springboard or a rallying point for fans of a particular person or thing to spread the word promoting whatever they are passionate about. In this case, the person fans are passionate about is Warehouse 13 actress Allison Scagliotti.

Not only are these fans acutely aware of Scagliotti’s appeal, they have an even more specific purpose in mind: to help her — and not Megan Fox —  win the title role of Cassie Hack in the big screen adaptation of Time Seely’s comic Hack/Slash. To help facilitate this they have made a video appealing to other fans of the actress and the comic and trying to build support for her getting the role.

The video, brought to us by our pal SamProof, makes several good points about the actress and her ties to the geek and comic community. She also resembles the character quite a bit. However, it’s really up to you and those like you if videos like this are going to have any influence on those big Hollywood decision makers.

Judge for yourself and check out the video after the jump. Also, if you thing Scagliotti would make a good Cassie Hack, sound off in the comments.

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