‘Eastbound and Down’ Season ‘Dos’ Has Two New Clips & A Teaser Poster

That’s right,  Season “Dos.”  Kenny and company will be heading down to Mexico for this round of Baseball, a rather inspired move for the crass comedy.

Why not take a foul-mouthed, cocky ballplayer who doesn’t understand (or care) about being politically and racially sensitive and send him down to play a little ball in Mexico?

What could possibly go wrong?  You know that Kenny will wreak havoc and squander good will wherever he may go.  He’ll have the locals chasing after him with pitchforks in no time.

Eastbound and Down stars Danny McBride as a has-been professional baseball player who is constantly getting himself in trouble.  It is rude, crude, and absolutely hilarious. If you have not caught the first season yet, season one is available on DVD and Netflix.

Eastbound and Down will return to HBO on September 26 at 10:30pm.  Check out the poster and two brand new clips after the jump.

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