New Clip From ‘I Spit On Your Grave: Unrated’

New Clip From ‘I Spit On Your Grave: Unrated’

The remake of 1978 film I Spit on Your Grave (aka The Day of the Woman) is imminent, and we have a brand new clip to show you. When the original  film was released, it was one of the most audacious films of its time, for many reasons.

The movie was about a woman who was brutally assaulted and raped by a group of men who leave her for dead.  She extracts her revenge on the men by tracking down the men one by one and torturing them in horrific ways.

The violence and brutality of the film was shocking on its own, but this was also considered a feminist film by many.  It was very rare to see women commit such atrocities on film at the time.

In this scene, Jennifer (played by Sarah Butler) encounters her tormentors  for the first time at a gas station.  She was hoping to spend some quiet time in the country to finish a novel, but it looks like her plans get derailed rather quickly.

The film also stars Chad Lindberg, Jeff Branson, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman, and Tracey Walter, and is directed by Steven R. Monroe.

I Spit on Your Grave: Unrated is scheduled to be released on October 8 in limited release, but first it will be making a stop at Fantastic Fest. Since we have some staff members attending the festival in Austin, we’ll be able to give you some early thoughts on the film.  Stay tuned.

Until then, watch the clip after the jump.